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general questions

Yes we have wifi that is provided to our guests.  The name is Bigwood P67 and we’ll send you the password a day or two prior to your arrival.  

Occasionally we receive calls that the wifi is down.  The only solution we have (it seems to always have worked) is to unplug BOTH the modem and the wifi router….wait a mintute or two….plug them back in and let it reset.

As we get our internet through Suddenlink (as does everyone else) the signal is occasionally slow (especially over winter break) as everyone is overloading the system.  This is pretty rare these days but still can happen and unfortunately there’s no fix as it’s systemwide

We have 3 flat screen televisions in the condo.  The livingroom TV is wifi enabled smart TV with a Tivo receiver and recorder.  You can record shows as well as access apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime (if you have an account)  For basic operation on Tivo click here.  The downstairs bedroom and upstairs bedrooms have TVs as well.  The upstairs TV also has a Sony Wii for your use.  Click here to see information on the Suddenlink channel lineup.

Bigwood has a very nice pool and spa and our condo is in one of the best locations in the complex for this.  We are about 75 feet from the pool and jacuzzi area which is especially great in the winter.  It’s really close…..but not too close.  

We have a one car garage that will fit most SUVS (sometimes SUVs with ski racks will be too high).  It’s a pretty tight fit but we highly recommend parking in there during the winter as it makes for a much warmer car and no need to dig out or scrape the windows.  You can also keep bikes or ski stuff in the garage if needed but keep in mind it’s not locked so we recommend bringing a bike lock, etc.

**Please note that there is NO parking in front of the garage other than loading and unloading.

Our condo is all electric so all heaters are electric wall heaters.  They work quite well but given the temperatures up in Mammoth in the winter it may take a while to get everything to the temperature you want.  Please do not turn all the heaters on high as they will overheat and stop working (until they cool down and are “reset”).  We try to keep the condo heaters on low in between guests and hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get it to your ideal temperature.

General instructions:  Make sure heat and auto are both on and turn the heater dials to the right.  Again don’t turn them all the way to the right or they won’t occassionally shut off and will overheat.

We do not allow pets and our HOA has a strict policy that ONLY owners can have pets on the property.  As we’re close to the office they will notice and we will be notified and fined by the HOA so please don’t try and sneak your pets in….regardless of the size or breed.

We try to have the condo stocked with everything you’ll need….from pots and pans, to spices, to bath towels, hair dryers and more.  We even have a few sleds to borrow.  The only things we don’t provide is towels for the jacuzzi/pool and, of course, food.

Yes the condo location is a great place to head out for a walk.  As we are close to the 14th hold of Sierra Star golf course, there is a really nice walking path just down the hill and to the right.  It’s ideal in summer and a great place to go even in winter….it’s also great for sledding.  You can also walk to Eagle (less than a mile) which is straight up on Majestic Pines Drive.  You can also walk to the Village by either going up Majestic Pines to Kelley Road to Lake Mary Road.  It’s even easier in summer as you can cut through the neighboring complex to get to Hidden Valley Road.   This route is only about a 10 minute walk to the Village.

There is also ample street parking that is only about 100 feet away.  On very rare occasions (a holiday with a lot of snow) there’s always spots available.

While we can’t guarantee there will be firewood, we buy quite a bit at the beginning of each year and it should be on the balcony or in the garage

The fireplace is a high efficiency unit required by the city of Mammoth.  It’s intended to burn cleanly.  The only challenge is that it’s not the easiest thing to keep lit at the beginning.  It’s intended to have the door closed but we recommend not closing the door until the fire is raging….then you should be good to go.  The fireplace has a blower that will kick on once hot that helps heat the condo.

Please be careful not to get ashes or sparks on the carpet.  We do have a fire can out on the balcony for ashes but unless you need to clean it, please leave that to us.

We try to provide everything you need but let us know if we missed something on this list:

  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Coffee maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven/stove
  • Hair dryer
  • Humidifiers

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